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With recent network congestion, fuelled by the memecoin craze, some have been saying that Solana will need its own L2. But Solana is different, where problems get fixed in real time instead:


Richard (@richardpatey)


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $173 (+0.59%)

Total Value Locked: $3.9B

NFT Volume: $73.6M


  • Solana celebrates Genesis Day 2024 with 276+ billion transactions, and 1600+ validators just 4 years in (Link)

  • Superteam UAE has partnered with Hub71+ Digital Assets to accelerate RWA startups (Link)

  • Perp DEXs on Solana have made over $18B+ in on-chain volume over the last month, a 79% increase (Link)

  • Solana Renaissance Hackathon, powered by Colosseum, has $150K+ in prize money, with side tracks listed on Superteam Earn (Link)

  • Trading NFTs on Tensor just got faster due to auto-adjusting priority fees and 1-step sells using Jito (Link)


Over the last 90 days, Tensor has had 3x the organic volume of Magic Eden:

Tensor Foundation announces the forthcoming $TNSR token and some people (such as me) are speculating what could happen if it is tied to Tensorians as a hybrid NFT:


Solana weekly DEX volume surpasses Ethereum at over $20B:

And TVL is up over 50% this month to date:

Protocols with points I am currently farming:


Kamino unveils the $KMNO Content Program, allowing users to earn tokens by creating content about Kamino Finance:

There are currently 17 bounties closing over the next 7 days on Earn by Superteam

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