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Cat themed memecoins on Solana are currently blowing up, and we have a ton of liquidity about to be injected into the Solana ecosystem with a number of large airdrops coming over the next month.

Let’s get to the action.


Richard (@richardpatey)


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $197 (+6.5%)

Total Value Locked: $4.9B (+25%)

NFT Volume: $93.4M (+27%)


  • Circle's Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol launches on Solana (Link)

  • Solana DEX monthly volume exceeds $50B, up over 100% (Link)

  • The first Jupiter Working Group budget proposal is open for voting, ends in 3 days (Link)

  • Solana cat themed coins blow up as $MEW hits $700M market cap in 5 days, $POPCAT touches its $380M all-time high, and $WEN smashes through its previous $295M all-time high, now at $316M (Link)

  • Dog themed coins are also crushing it, with $WIF up 79% over the last week to a $4.3B market cap and a top 30 coin, and $BONK up 21% to a $1.8B market cap (Link)

If you also like your news in video format, Seb Montgomery does a great daily Solana update, here’s today’s:


  • $ZEUS is launching on Jupiter on April 4th but the airdrop to launchpad token voters has been cancelled (Link)

  • $W Wormhole airdrop is happening April 3rd, you can claim directly within Phantom (Link)

  • Parcl announced the tokenomics for the $PARCL token, with 36% allocated to the community, and 0.1% allocated to Mad Lads (Link)

Protocols with points I am currently farming:


Metaplex is launching a Core Thread Writing Bounty:

And bounties by Samoyedcoin, Superteam and Mad Lads are all ending within the next day on Earn:

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