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I think we may have just witnessed the worst Solana airdrop this cycle:

It’s the lead story below.


Richard (@richardpatey)


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $145 (-17.6%)

NFT Volume: $59.3M (-9.7%)

Total Value Locked: $3.7B (-13.1%)


  • Sharky botches their $SHARK launch by rewarding users (like me) with tiny allocations (1 or 5 tokens worth less than $3), then double tracks when their token price plummets by apparently giving every wallet 250 tokens, but I like others haven’t received:

  • $PRCL is now live, and I’ve claimed mine - early adopters & core community members have until the end of the year to claim (Link)

  • Drift Protocol announces $DRIFT governance token with 10% to be airdropped to users, with a site to check and claim your allo launching soon (Link)

  • Jupiter launched the second round of voting in its LFG launched, with Sanctum currently in the lead with 64% of the votes, followed by Uprock (Link)

  • Sanctum has partnered with Jupiter to launch their own LST (Link)

  • With Jupiter’s Active Staking Rewards (ASR), those who previously staked and voted will be getting 0.75% of ZEUS and 0.75% of SHARK (Link)

  • Jupiter enables users to immediately trade new tokens at launch using their T0 API (Link)

  • Tensor announce Season 3 referrer rebates to ~1100 users with top referrer earning 146 SOL (Link)

  • Stepn announces long term partnership with Adidas that will include a raffle of 1000 cobranded sneaker NFTs (Link)

  • Coinbase Wallet announces a Solana DEX integration where you can trade 50,000+ tokens (Link)


Like Fabiano, I’m still farming the below:

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