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Remember when Jupiter was just a swap aggregator? Now with its Meta Acceleration Strategy, its ecosystem is growing so fast that it will likely become the biggest dApp on Solana (currently #7 in TVL), as well as the biggest functioning DAO in all of crypto - over 400K unique wallets just voted!

With so much news coming out each week, perhaps I should rename this newsletter This Week in Jupiter!


Richard (@richardpatey)


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $142 (-2%)

NFT Volume: $51.6M (-19%)

Total Value Locked: $3.8B (+3%)


  • Round 2 of Jupiter LFG launchpad voting closed with Sanctum winning 64% of the votes, with UpRock coming second (Link)

  • Sanctum teases a Wonderland points system and introduces pets (Link)

  • Helius LST is launching hSOL on Sanctum (Link)

  • Jupiter acquires Ultimate Wallet and announces beta launch of their mobile app which will offer 1-click trading with no fees (Link)

  • Jupiter announces a 3-pronged strategy to accelerate the decentralized meta which includes a unified market for RWAs and a global stock exchange (Link)

  • Stripe announces it will start accepting stablecoin payments this summer with on-chain settlement and instant conversion to fiat (Link)

  • Bonk launches on Revolut, bringing Solana memecoin exposure to millions of European users (Link)

  • Phantom now enables you to use your ledger without creating a new wallet (Link)


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