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Wormhole dropping its $W token really kicked things off for April, and Tensor is about to follow with $TNSR launching tomorrow which will be listed on Coinbase - I can’t wait to receive my allocation as a Tensorian!

Ok let’s get to the action.


Richard (@richardpatey)


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $181 (-8.4%)

NFT Volume: $75.6M (-21%)

Total Value Locked: $4.5 (-8.5%)


  • Tensor announced that $TNSR will be dropping on April 8th, with an airdrop claim happening on Jupiters LFG claimpad. Tensorians will be receiving 1% of the supply, and the token will be listed on Coinbase

  • Wormhole launched its $W token on April 3rd with a Binance listing and a $2.4B market cap, now down to $1.8B

  • Zeus Network launched its $ZEUS token on 2nd April on Jupiter’s LFG Launchpad, where $JUP voters received an allocation, and its price has held steady at $0.70. The protocol also raised $8M at a $100M valuation in a token funding round led by Mechanism Capital

  • Kamino will be dropping $KMNO to its users, with 7% of the total supply going to the community, and you can check directly in Phantom wallet if you will be receiving an allocation

  • Solana Mobile Chapter Two preorders received a $MEW airdrop currently worth $200 for almost 50% of the cost of the device. The token is currently trading at a $450M market cap

  • Machi launched his $BOBAOPPA token and presale buyers are down bad. The token hit a $100M market cap but is now trading at $30M

  • Crypto tax platform CoinTracker now supports Solana [Get $10 in credits when you sign up with my link]

  • Roam is migrating its DePIN wifi network to Solana

  • Will more NFT collections move to Solana?:


  • Parcl is set to launch its $PRCL token this month, with an initial points snapshot taken on April 2nd, and another loyalty and consistency snapshot still to come. 8% of the total supply is being allocated for the community (with Mad Lads receiving 0.1%). RWA tokenized funds like Blackrock’s $BUIDL may be watching for this drop

  • Drift trader points are set to end this month for the forthcoming airdrop. I’ve been placing trades there since last year, you can sign up with my link

  • Zeta Markets is due to drop its $Z token at the end of this month, here’s my link to get a 1.1x Z-SCORE boost

  • I’ve recently set up Uprock on my Macbook where I’m now earning rewards for sharing my internet connection

  • I’ve also installed the Grass chrome extension where I’m sharing my network to earn points

  • And I’ll be setting up IO.NET next to share my GPU for points to qualify for the airdrop scheduled on April 28th:

With so many places to farm, provide liquidity and stake, it’s hard to keep on top of your points allocations. Enter SonarWatch:

And the best way to ensure you get the next allocation is to stay curious and use protocols that interest you:

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