😠 Don't Sybil Me

Drift took token allo away from real accounts they defined to be sybils

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This week’s issue is brought to you by SolanaHub, who have their own liquid staking token on Sanctum called Hubbie (hubSOL).

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Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $173 (+17%)

NFT Volume: $29.0M (-8.2%)

Total Value Locked: $4.6B (+9%)

Total Liquid Staked: 22.5M SOL (-)

Stake in LSTs vs Native: 6.1% (-)

hubSOL staked: 23.1K SOL (-)


  1. Coingecko posts that Solana is the fastest blockchain, with its TPS reaching a record high of over 1500 on April 6 (Link)

  2. For the first time ever, on 12th May, Solana generated more fees than Ethereum in a single day (Link)

  3. Drift token drops but doesn’t go entirely to plan, with some users angry that their allocation has been taken away (Link)

  4. Are fundamentals aligning for a massive $BONK rally? (Link)

  5. Zeta launches Z-Loot random Z-Score multiplier for trades (Link)

  6. Fabiano posts that the Symmetry airdrop is underrated (Link)

  7. Jupiter announces deBridge, Divvy Bet and Exchange Art as the candidates for LFG Round 3 (Link)

  8. Jupiter’s partial unstake is live (Link)

  9. Robinhood launches Solana staking in the EU (Link)

  10. Wall Street Bets posts that Solana Summer is inevitable:

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