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This week’s issue is brought to you by SolanaHub, who have their own liquid staking token on Sanctum called Hubbie (hubSOL).

Hold Hubbie to earn EXP within Sanctum Wonderland, plus a share of a weekly prize pool over at SolanaHub.


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $163 (-6%)

NFT Volume: $22M (-27%)

Total Value Locked: $4.7B (+2%)

Liquid Staked: 23.5M SOL (+4%)

Stake LSTs vs Native: 6.5% (+6%)

hubSOL staked: 60K SOL (+88%)


  1. deBridge wins Jupiter’s third LFG with 59% of the vote (Link)

  2. deBridge releases details and tokenomics for their $DBR token (Link)

  3. Jupiter kicks off the Giant Unified Market initiative with the aim to index memecoins, RWAs, stocks, and forex (Link)

  4. Sanctum Infinity ($INF) is now integrated into Jupiter Routing (Link)

  5. Bonk Staked SOL (bonkSOL) is now listed on Symmetry and can be added to portfolios & bundles (Link)

  6. Is Bonk more useful than Ethereum L2s? (Link)

  7. Solflare adds limit orders and an improved token UI (Link)

  8. Zeta Markets airdrop & TGE coming next month (Link)

  9. CNBC alludes to a Solana ETF being next (Link)

  10. Even if’s not coming there is an insane amount to be bullish on:

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