๐ŸŽ‰ Making Airdrops Great Again

Sanctum's Wonderland points system makes staking fun


Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $142 (0%)

NFT Volume: $34.7M (-39%)

Total Value Locked: $3.8B (0%)


  • Sanctum, the liquid staking token protocol, releases its innovative airdrop points system Wonderland:

  • Tipping via Jito Bundles is live on Jupiter to prevent MEV (Link)

  • Meteora allows memecoin creators to lock liquidity to earn fees (Link)

  • The Solana bridge went live for DeGods and Y00ts (Link)

  • Luca Netz teases that Lil Pudgies will bridge to Solana (Link)

  • Kamino launches its $KMNO token, now trading at $850M FDV (Link)

  • Drift token eligibility now live, with a 6 hour bonus claim at TGE (Link)

  • Solana Mobile Chapter Two pre-orders are now effectively free (Link)

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