🤫 Paypal Comes to Solana

Solana enables not only transaction speed but also confidentiality

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  1. Ripple’s CEO states it’s only a matter of time for Solana ETF (Link)

  2. LayerZero is now live on Solana (Link)

  3. Metaplex introduces MPL-404, in partnership with Mutant Labs, building on the SPL-404 token standard (Link)

  4. Jupiter integrated deBridgeFinance bridging widget to their Solana tab (Link)

  5. Uprock’s $UPT is now live on Jupiter (Link)

  6. Uprock is the first project to use the Alpha Vault by Meteora, users to buy ahead of bots (Link)

  7. Around 7% of Bonk's total supply has been burned thus far (Link)

  8. Phantom wallet becomes the #1 free app on the Google Play store in the UK (Link)

  9. Solana proposal to allocate 100% of priority fees to validators passes (Link)

  10. Paypal's PYUSD goes live on Solana enabling “confidential transactions” (Link)

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