🥞 Solana to Flip Ethereum?

Solana's fees could flip Ethereum within a week...

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Over the last 7 days:

$SOL Price: $146 (+3%)

NFT Volume: $31.5M (-10%)

Total Value Locked: $4.2B (+10%)


  1. Solana’s total fees reached a record breaking 60% of Ethereum’s over the past few days, with some seeing the ‘flippening’ as inevitable (Link)

  2. Jupiter updates its Dapp Ecosystem Directory in its comprehensive Welcome to Solana micro-site (Link)

  3. Sanctum Wonderland’s first Community Quest went live yesterday, and the 4x EXP bonus for holding Infinitie (INF) is extended by 24 hours due to a bug with the multiplier (Link)

  4. You can now boost your staking rewards in SolanaHub through referrals (Link)

  5. A proposal was posted to the Solana Governance forums to increase the priority fee revenue of validators from 50% to 100% (Link)

  6. The next vote for Jupiters LFG Launchpad will be 22nd May where there can now be only one winner for the strongest community, and votes will now be blind (Link)

  7. Zeta Markets announces details of the community airdrop of their $Z token, where they are allocating to JUP and PYTH stakers and NFT communities (Link)

  8. Clone Protocol has been integrated into Solana so that you can get exposure to assets on other blockchains such as DOGE and OP (Link)

  9. $JUP stakers can earn a 1.2x to 1.6x multiplier on points earned on Clone (Link)

  10. $1B USD worth of PYTH will be unlocked May 20th, equivalent to 140% of the supply:

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